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 Sewage Systems

Sewage and Septic System Approval

If a municipal sewage service is not available to your site, you will need to have your own sewage system or holding tank.  Before a building permit can be issued, your sewage management plans need to be developed and approved.


Following is step-by-step on the process to obtain a sewage permit:


  • Come into our office and fill out an application (or request that we mail you an application form).  The application is basic information, ie. name, address, directions to the site.  If you are planning on building on the site, we will need to know the number of bedrooms.
  • Payment is expected at the time of application.  Please contact our office for a current fee schueule.  If the land does not pass testing, you can be refunded any unused portion of the fee.  We would require a written statement that you are withdrawing your application and a refund would be made at that time.
  • Deep Probe Test.  The first test the Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) would do is the deep probe.  You are responsible to have a backhoe at the site the same time that our SEO is scheduled.  Also, you should plan to be present.  The SEO will need to know where you plan to build the home on the lot.
  • Perc Test.  If the land passes the deep probe, the perc test will be scheduled with the SEO.  The deep probe and perc test cannot be done on the same day.  You will need to have water at the site and a series of 6 holes must be dug prior to the perc test.  The SEO will give you specific instructions on how to prepare the holes.  You do not have to be present for the perc test.
  • Step 5 pertains only to those who are subdividing the land.
       The SEO will mail you a “Planning Module” which needs to be filled out by the property owner.  Once your surveys are completed and approved by the Township Planning and the County Planning Commission, then three copies must accompany the Planning Module and be returned to our office.  There should also be a check attached, which is made payable to the Department of Environmental Protection.  The SEO will sign the form and forward the Planning Module, check and survey to the Township.  The Township must sign the form and then the paperwork is sent on the DEP.  DEP has up to 60 days to approve the subdivision.  Once DEP has approved the subdivision, the property owner will receive a letter stating it has been approved.  The SEO also receives a copy of this letter.  Once the SEO knows that it has been approved, the SEO will prepare a data form and mail it to you.  If you do not receive a data form within a week of hearing from DEP, you may want to contact the SEO and inform him of the approval.
  • Return of test results.  Once all testing is completed and/or approval has been given from DEP, the SEO will mail you the data form.  The data form contains pertinent information necessary to have your sewage system designed.  Work with your contractor or engineer to finalize the design of your sewage system based on these test results.  CK-COG does not offer sewage system design services, nor do we provide engineering firm recommendations (to avoid any conflict of interest).
  • Send sewage system designs to CK-COG.  When you receive your sewage designs, you need to return three (3) copies to our office.  The SEO will review the plans and issue the sewage permit at that time.  One copy of the design will be returned with your permit.
  • DEP Approval.  If you had to have DEP approval on the subdivision, there will be an additional $406.00 collected at the time of the sewage permit issuance.  Once the sewage permit is issued, it is valid for three (3) years.  It can be renewed at the end of the three years if you have not built on the land at that time. 

NOTE: Additional Costs - Any services over and above standard costs will be billed at $72.00 per hour.