Central Keystone Council of Governments History

In 1987, Code Administration was started with two municipalities (Lewisburg Boro & East Buffalo Twp) under the administration of the Union County Housing Authority (UCHA).  At that time, one employee was hired and charged with the responsibilities of issuing permits and performing required inspections.  In 1988 East Buffalo Twp inquired as to the possibility of UCHA providing sewage enforcement services and a person was hired, trained and certified for this position.

Over the years this entity grew to nine municipalities, and by the year 2000 requests for services were coming from outside of Union County.

In 2002, five municipalities looked at forming a regional entity, and by January 2003 Central Keystone Council Of Governments (CK-COG) was formed with a charter membership of Lewisburg and Mifflinburg Boroughs, and the townships of East Buffalo, West Buffalo and Gregg.

This original membership made up approximately 50% of the counties population.

The formation of CK-COG was accomplished under the authority of Pennsylvania Act 180 of 1972, known as the Intergovernmental Cooperation Law.  This law permits local governments to jointly do anything the law permits them to do individually, even to the point of crossing state lines.

Union, Snyder and Northumberland County’s elected officials and their employees have worked cooperatively together on many programs throughout the decades, from emergency services, transportation (USTA), SUN task force and more.

The primary function of the CK-COG at the present is regional Code Enforcement, UCC Building Permitting and Zoning enforcement.

The member governments of the CK-COG are open to the discussion of planning or undertaking joint intergovernmental activities as may be agreed on by the Member Governments.

According to the by-laws of the COG, its role is to serve as a forum for the identification and discussion of intergovernmental issues and concerns, including the facilitation of agreements or cooperative actions for specific projects or programs that may be requested by the Member Governments faced today with having to do more with less.

The COG’s daily activities are coordinated by a Director with direction from an Executive Board.  This Board is comprised of of representatives elected by the Member municipalities.

The CK-COG staff includes eight Labor & Industry certified and registered Building Inspectors, a two Zoning Officers, and five Code Enforcement Officers. Staff support is provided by an office manager and several office assistants.

Approval as a Third-party Inspection Agency was granted to the COG by the Department of Labor & Industry in November 2004.  Third-Party inspections will be considered at the request of homeowners and contractors building in “opt-out” municipalities in those areas bordering the COG’s regional coverage area.

Since the COG’s inception, membership of the Central Keystone Council of Governments has grown to 48 members.