Call Out and Referral Procedures

The CKCOG staff provides for emergency and after-hours call outs when requested by a public safety agency or the Municipality.

This procedure is to help public safety officers determine what types of incidents require immediate call outs or a next day referral.

In the event an officer responds to an incident that involves a Building and Fire Code issue, the officer may refer to the matrix below and determine the appropriate response. The appropriate CKCOG staff member can be contacted by ­­­­­the County Communications Center (911 Services).

Completing the form below will automatically generate an email referral.

Referrals may also be faxed to the CKCOG office at (570) 522-1327 or e-mailed to

Officers can also access and save a fillable version of the form, and then email to: (save to your computer and email)

Call OutReferral
Exit Blocked (not correctable)Exit Blocked (corrected by occupant)
Fire Alarm System (inoperable)Fire Alarm System (activation or trouble)
Fire Sprinkler System (inoperable)Fire Sprinkler (activation or trouble)
Structural Failure (occupied building)Structural Failure (minor or unoccupied)
Combustible/Flammable Materials (imminent danger)Combustible/Flammable Materials (small quantity or unoccupied)
Smoke Alarm/ CO Detector (all detection removed or disabled)Smoke Alarm/ CO Detector (single detector tampered with or inoperable)
Overcrowding (not dispersed)Overcrowding (dispersed)
Utility Failure (entire building)Utility Failure (single unit)
Significant Fire in Rental/Commercial Property (displacing tenants or occupants)Minor Fire in Rental/Commercial Property
Life Threatening Injury or Death from Hazard ConditionInjury (requiring treatment) from Hazard Condition
Exit Signs/ Emergency Lights inoperable
Fire Extinguishers Discharged or Removed

James Emery               Code Enforcement Supervisor

Thomas MacDonald    Code Enforcement Officer

Gerald Lloyd                Code Enforcement Officer