Permit Expiration

Pursuant to Act 87 of 2012 (S.B. 1263), which amended Act 46 of 2010, a ‘permit extension’ was originally provided through the time period July 2, 2016. Recognizing the deadline of July 2, 2016 has passed without further extension by the Pennsylvania Legislature, all ‘active’ permits prior to 2012 will be re-listed as ‘inactive’ and all accompanying plans, drawings or submittals could be destroyed.

If your intent is to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for your ‘active’ permit application made prior to December 31, 2011, you must contact the CK-COG immediately to request either a Final inspection or an extension of time to complete the work.

Please note, if your application was for commercial development; operating or inhabiting a building/business without a CO is illegal under the Uniform Construction Code.  You could be fined and/or liable if any accidents or problems occur.

If your application was for residential development, you should note that many mortgage companies are now seeking (CO’s) for building and/or additions prior to approving re-financing or loans using the structure as collateral.  In the event you are required to show a (CO), there is the chance that walls will have to be damaged to document proper electrical installation and other Residential standards under the UCC Regulations.