Solar Panels

Ground Mount and Roof Mount

Solar PV System Checklist

All solar panel installations will require a Building Permit. Many municipalities also require a Zoning Permit; check with your municipality for any restrictions.

When returning the Building Permit Application, the following items are required:

  1. A copy of the Zoning Permit. Not all townships have zoning at this time. Check with your township officials or this office if you do not know if your township has Zoning. Use our Zoning page to find the zoning requirements and contact information for your municipality.
  2. A Certificate of Insurance on your contractor. The state requires proof of workmen’s compensation on the contractor (if the contractor has employees) or a signed and notarized Workers’ Comp Exemption Form.
  3. Specifications for the panels, including: roof attachment information and roof load design calculations for roof-mounted panels or footer/pier information for ground-mounted panels; wiring diagram, inverter information, PV Module information, array information, and wiring and over-current protection.  This information should all be provided to you by the manufacturer or installer.

Application and Plans Review:  When you bring your plans into the office, the permit technician will check your application and plans submission for completeness and verify who is to be contacted when the Permit is ready to be issued.

Permit Issuance:  The plan review usually takes less than a week, depending on the complexity and completeness of the plans submitted.  We will contact you when the Permit is ready for pick up and advise you of the cost.  Pennsylvania UCC states that Permits must be issued within 15 working days if not returned to the applicant for additional changes or information. (This time frame only applies if all required pre-construction approvals have been submitted with the Permit Application.)

Payment (Residential Building Permit Fees)Payment in full must be made before we can release the Permit or perform any inspections.  There will be paperwork attached with your Permit explaining when inspections will be done during the construction process.  It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure all required inspections are completed and approved.  No inspections can be performed until the Permit has been paid for in full.