Climatic & Geographic Design Criteria

For municipalities administered by the CK-COG, new construction must adhere to the following climatic and geographic design criteria.

Residential Energy Efficiency Worksheet must be submitted with each permit application.

Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria

Ground Snow Load (*1)35* psf
Wind Speed (mph)115
Seismic Design CategoryA/B
Frost Line Depth (*2)40”
TermiteNot Specified
DecaySlight to Moderate
Winter Design Temp.9° Fahrenheit
Ice Shield Underlayment RequiredYes
Flood HazardsCheck with Municipality
Air Freezing Index1000
Mean Annual Temp.55° Fahrenheit

*(1) Ground snow load set by local jurisdiction.
* Reference Map (IRC Figure R301.2(5) for specific ground snow loads in your area.
*(2) Set by local jurisdiction.

Thermal Design Parameters

Interior Design Temperature (Heating)*72° Maximum
Interior Design Temperature (Cooling)*75º Maximum
Climate Zone (IEEC Table 301.1)5
* Reference IEEC Section 302.1
Degree Days Heating (Local Reference)6160
Degree Days Cooling (Local Reference)700