Water & Sewer

Identifying Water & Sewer Options

Obtaining water and sewer utility service at your site will depend on site location.  Municipal water and sewer service is available to most areas within a borough limits, but there are exceptions, so you will need to check with your local water/sewer authority.

Use our zoning maps to find the contact information for your municipality.

If your property is within a municipality that provides water and sewer service, you will need to submit a connection application to the municipal authority that oversees these services.  Within these municipal service areas, on-lot septic or wells are not allowed.

If municipal water is not available, you would need to develop a well.  Currently there is no permit process for the drilling of a well within the CK-COG region, unless it is specifically prohibited within a borough limits.

If municipal sewage is not available, you will need to have a sewage system designed.  The design of this system will be impacted by the results of the on-site deep probe and perc tests.  (PA DEP – Active SEO’s by County)

Identifying how (or if) you will be obtaining water and managing sewage is necessary to the building permit process.

Municipal Water & Sewer Service

Water and sewer may be managed by the same or separate authorities depending on the municipality. Additionally, some municipalities may require connection to these municipal systems for properties outside of the municipal boundaries if those properties lie within a minimum distance of the municipal boundary or within a special targeted area, such as along certain roads or housing developments.

Service Requests

In order to acquire a water and sewer connection, you will need to complete a connection application.  Water and sewer are usually separate applications required by the municipal authority who manages these services.  You will need to complete these applications and submit them to the appropriate authority.  You will also need to attend an authority meeting and submit your water or sewer hookup request personally to the authority board.


Tap fees for both water and sewer connections are levied in addition to any building or zoning permits fees required for your project.  These fees will vary by township or borough, so you will need to contact your municipality and water/sewer authority for the fee schedule.