Central Keystone COG Services

The CK-COG is an organization of Municipalities pooling resources to more efficiently administer services for residents of these municipalities; thereby providing services that would otherwise not be economically practical. Central Keystone COG provides a wide range of services. Our most used services are listed below, to find out more click on the service needed. CK-COG also provides services for street signage, health and safety inspections for Personal Care Homes and more.

Please contact us if you need a service not listed below.


Zoning approvals and flood plain ordinance compliance are required before a building permit is issued. Each municipality may have different zoning and flood plain regulations that need to be meet.

Find out what the zoning regulations are and how to obtain a zoning permit in your municipality.

Building Permits & Inspections

Building Permit Details:

  • Do you need a building permit for your project?
  • How do you submit a building permit?
  • What is the residential or commercial building permit process?

The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, known as Act 45, Section 403.64, requires mandated inspections for all construction for which a permit is issued.

Read more about the inspection process and requirements.

Fire Safety Permits and Inspections


Rental Permits

Rental permits and inspections are required by municipalities. Regulations and applications may vary depending on the municipality the rental property is located.

Read more about the rental property licensing & inspections for your municipality.

Day Care Inspections

Day care inspections are required for both facility and in-home day cares. Regulations vary depending on the type of day care and age of the children.

Find more information about day care regulations and the inspection process.

Retail & Auto Dealership Occupancy Inspections

Retail & Auto Dealerships require inspections prior to being issued certificates of occupancy.

Click here for more details on how to obtain a Retail or Auto Dealership Certificate of Occupancy.