Commercial Building Permit Fees

A $1000.00 Plan Review fee will be collected at the time an “Application for Plans Examination and Building Permit” is submitted for all Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Family construction.

No construction plans will be accepted for review without a completed “Application for Plans Examination and Building Permit”.  Plan Review will not start until this fee has been received by our office.

This non-refundable fee will be credited towards the plan review charges; any remaining funds will be credited towards the issuance of the Building Permit.

Square Foot Construction Cost Table 

(updated Semi-annually by the International Code Council – current 2/2024 )

To estimate Commercial Building Permit Fees use the following formula and table.

Formula: Square Ft. of Construction Cost/Use Group X Square Footage X .007

Example: 10,000 sq ft Building in Use Group “B” with “2B” construction

(10,000 x 257.82 = 2,578,200.00 X .007 = $18.047.40 (estimated permit fee)*

Important Points

The BVD is not intended to apply to alterations or repairs to existing buildings. Because the scope of alterations or repairs to an existing building varies so greatly, the Square Foot Construction Costs table does not reflect accurate values for that purpose. However, the Square Foot Construction Costs table can be used to determine the cost of an addition that is basically a stand-alone building which happens to be attached to an existing building. In the case of such additions, the only alterations to the existing building would involve the attachment of the addition to the existing building and the openings between the addition and the existing building.

For purposes of establishing the Permit Fee Multiplier, the estimated total annual construction value for a given time period (1 year) is the sum of each building’s value (Gross Area X Square Foot Construction Cost) for that time period (e.g., 1 year).

The Square Foot Construction Cost does not include the price of the land on which the building is built. The Square Foot Construction Cost takes into account everything from foundation work to the roof structure and coverings but does not include the price of the land. The cost of the land does not affect the cost of related code enforcement activities and is not included in the Square Foot Construction Cost.

*This is only an estimate for informational or bidding purposes, actual Permit Fee may vary based on Plan Review requirements and other factors, including State required fees.

2/1/2024 ICC Building Valuation Data