Residential Building Permit Fees

The Following Information Applies to All Residential Permits: Inspection fees for permits are based upon the International Code Council permit fee formula. This formula is revised and published two times a year by the ICC and reflects the costs of various use groups of construction as well as being adjusted to reflect semi-annual construction cost adjustments. (Updated 2/2024) To calculate the approximate residential permit fee* use the following formula: (Gross Area) x $166.00*** =  (Cost of Construction) x .007 = Permit Fee.

 Example: To apply the formula and estimate the permit fee for a new residential single-story house  40’ x 30’ with an unfinished basement, the following calculations would apply: (40’ X 30’)= 1200 sq ft   x   $166.00 = $199,200.00 x .007 = $1,394.00 (+$4.50**) = $1,398.50 Permit Fee


  • Permit costs include plan review fees and the mandated inspections as required by the state Uniform Construction Code.
  • **Act 157 of the PA Uniform Construction Code requires that all code agencies collect a $4.50 surcharge for every permit issued.
  • The addition of a garage and/or finished basement will alter the final permit costs.  Please contact the CK-COG office for information regarding applicable fees. (e.g. attached garages are calculated at $35.00 per sq ft)
  • You may submit Residential Additions and Alterations drawings via e-mail (up to 11″ x 17″), however, there will be a printing charge added to your Building Permit fee of .50¢ per page.
  • Actual Permit fees will be calculated by the Building Code Official after the plan review and verification of occupied living space. The formula above is only to assist you in estimating your costs.
  • Permit fees for repairs, alterations and most additions, including pools and decks, are based on the number of inspections that will be required and are set at the discretion of the Building Code Official.  Please contact us for further information on these fees. (1/2024 Fee Schedule)

Permits with Hourly Fee rates: (2024 hourly fee is $78.00 per hour) *Estimate only for NEW construction and additions over 325 sq. ft. ***(Modular Home multiplier is $156.00 per sq ft)