Required Inspections

The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, known as Act 45, Section 403.64, requires mandated inspections for all construction for which a permit is issued. Inspection requests are made by the permit holder and scheduled according to the CK-COG inspection scheduling policy.

Required inspections include:

  1. Footer/ Post Hole Inspection:
    Inspection of the footer shall be made prior to poles or piers being set or trenches or basement areas are excavated and any required forms erected and any required reinforcing steel is in place and PRIOR to the placing of concrete.
  2. Foundation Inspection:
    Inspection shall include excavations for thickened slabs intended for the support of bearing walls, partitions, structural supports, or equipment and special requirements for wood foundations, and drainage installed PRIOR to back-filling. Upon approval, permission will be given to begin framing work.
  3. Frame & Masonry Inspection:
    Inspection of framing and masonry construction shall be made after the masonry, framing, bracing, and roof is completed. Upon approval, permission will be given to begin rough plumbing, mechanical, gas, and electrical work.
  4. Plumbing, Mechanical, Gas, and Electrical Inspection*:
    Rough inspection of plumbing, mechanical, gas, electrical systems (approved electrical inspectors), fire-stopping and draft-stopping shall be made prior to insulating, covering or concealment, before fixtures or appliances are set or installed. EXCEPTION: Ground-source heat pump loop systems tested in accordance with Section M2105.1 shall be permitted to be back-filled prior to inspection. Upon approval, permission will be given to insulate floors, walls, and ceilings.
    *Most manufactured homes do not have a need for rough inspections, because they have been approved at the factory.
  5. Insulation Inspection:
    Inspection shall be upon completion of insulation installation. Upon approval, permission will be given to install wallboard and/or lath.
  6. Lath and/or Wallboard Inspection:
    Commonly made after all lathing and/or wallboard is applied, but before any plaster is applied or before wallboard joints and fasteners are taped and finished.
  7. Final Inspection:
    Final inspection shall be made after permitted work is completed and prior to occupancy. Upon approval, and after receipt of required 3rd party final electrical approval (if needed) a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued to the permit holder or his/her agent.

Swimming Pools require bonding & final inspections (Final inspection is to be done once barrier requirements are completed)

Decks require post hole & framing inspections (Framing inspection is to be done once deck & railings are completed)

In addition to the required inspections, the building official may make or require any other inspections to ascertain compliance with the code and other laws enforced by the building department.