Rental Property Licensing & Inspections

Who uses your services?

The Central Keystone Council of Governments administers a Rental Licensing Ordinance (also called a Public Housing Ordinance) in seven local municipalities: Lewisburg Borough, Mifflinburg Borough, Montoursville Borough, Beavertown Borough, Selinsgrove Borough and, most recently, Jersey Shore Borough and Old Lycoming Township. These municipalities encompass 4,432 individual rental housing units in single and multi-family structures. The CK-COG inspects an average of 1,944 of these housing units each year for compliance with the International Property Maintenance Code.

The CK-COG is also the inspection agency for the Union and Snyder County Housing Authorities, and all of our inspectors are certified in HUD’s Housing Quality Standards. The CK-COG inspects an average of 650 housing units each year for compliance with HUD’s Housing Quality Standards.

What are your qualifications? 

Each of our inspectors is certified by the International Code Council and attends continuing education classes each year to develop their knowledge and understanding of Code Enforcement. Each inspector has also been trained and certified in HUD’s Housing Quality Standards (HQS).

Whose Ordinance do you enforce?

We enforce the Municipality’s Ordinance; the CK-COG works with each Municipality to evaluate any Ordinance already enacted and determines the specific needs of the Municipality going forward. Each Municipality has unique challenges to enforcement, for example: a substantial student occupancy causing high unit turnover, or aging housing stock and deteriorating structures. For Municipalities without an existing Rental Licensing Ordinance, the CK-COG will work with the Municipality’s Council or Supervisors to develop an Ordinance to meet their specific needs.

On the right side of this page you will find the Application for License or Permit for your Municipality. If you have any questions regarding this application or the inspection, please call our office.