Short-Term Rentals – Lewisburg Borough

Q:  What is a “Short-Term Rental”?

A:  “Short-Term Rental” or “STR” is a residence where a furnished room, multiple rooms or an entire property is let for occupancy or rented for a period ranging from 1 – 29 days. Often a vacation rental found on websites like AirBnB or VRBO,  it’s a residential home or apartment rented only for a few days or weeks at a time.

The overall goal of all Short-Term Rental Regulations it to protect the existing quality of life and character of the area that is drawing visitors and making sure those visitors have a safe environment in which to enjoy those benefits.

Q:  Why is the Borough regulating Short-term Rentals?

A:   The Borough intends to regulate Short-term Rentals to ensure that;

1) Short-term Rentals are compatible with and do not adversely impact surrounding residential uses,

2) property owners have the option to utilize their properties for short-term rental use,

3) risks to public safety and health to occupants and owners are minimized,

4) property values are maintained, and

5) visitation and tourism to Lewisburg and Union County is supported.

The goal is to create a simple policy that both protects residential neighborhoods and allows homeowners to take advantage of a new possible source of income.

Q:  Is the Borough trying to restrict or discourage short-term rentals?

A:   No. Lewisburg values the income-generating potential to owners of Short-term Rentals, and the increased visitor capacity that Short-term Rentals bring to our local businesses.

Q:  How do I get a Short-Term Rental permit?

A:  The Central Keystone COG will be enforcing the Zoning Code and the Short-term Rental Ordinance. Your first step is to complete a Zoning Permit Application and a Short-term Rental Unit Application (you can do these at the same time). The Zoning officer will need information about location, parking, and your lot. As long as there are no changes to the unit, you will only need to do this once at your initial application.  After your Zoning Permit has been approved you will schedule a date and time for inspection of the unit by the Code Officer.  This inspection is based on the Borough’s Property Maintenance Codes and will verify the presence of safety items like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, hot water pressure relief valves and clear fire egress routes.

After the Code Officer has approved the unit and you have paid the License fee, you will be issued a Short-term Rental Unit License.  This License will contain important information for your guests, including maximum occupancy, emergency contacts, and Borough Ordinances that apply to your tenant